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My offerings


Birth Support Doula

Birth support includes:

  • Meet and greet! Lets get to know one another and see if we're a good fit.

  • 2 in person prenatal meetings

  • Assistance building your birth plan and preferences

  • Call / Text / Email support 

  • References for all things birth related

  • Emotional, physical, and informational support throughout

  • In person birth support (call me when you think labor has started)

  • Comfort measures

  • Position changes 

  • Breathing techniques

  • 1 Postpartum visit

  • Currently supporting homebirths, birthing center births.


You can schedule a free info call with me by clicking the button below!

Fearless Energetic Birth Preparation

What I believe is missing from birth work in present day. 

 The energetics of birth are powerful and turn up our inner worlds to a higher volume often showing up as fears within ourselves. Instead of transmuting this inner world for greater alignment, we see so many ignore it or place it into the hands of another. This  is causing woman to outsource their personal authority and deep inner knowing. 

Fearless aims to direct woman back to themselves and their intuition. Utilizing energetic tools such as meditation, taro, human design,  journaling and more! We will tap into your inner world to let the fears pour out, discover any energetic blocks, and completely transform your relationship to birth.

Claim pregnancy and birth for the sacred rite of passage that it is and manifest your dream birth! For the woman who is ready to face her fears and step into unshakable trust of herself.

Let's Build your Birth Plan!

Having a strong birth plan can make all the difference at your birth. There are so many options out there and navigating them alone can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing.

This is an ala carte offering where we work 1:1 to create the birth plan of your dreams!

Offering includes 1 in person or virtual meeting to go over EVERY DETAIL of your birth plan + continuous email and text/call  support all the way up until your birth!

You have choices! You have support in those choices! And you deserve respect though your birth journey!

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