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Courses, lets dive in togehter!

Conscious Conception Course

Join me and explore what it means to consciously call in a child. We will learn about our fertility, look at the biological process of conception, and embark on spiritual practices to help you clear away doubt and step into trust. Including meditation, kundalini yoga, journaling prompts and so much more. This course will help you root into the knowing that you were made for this! So jump in mama and start believing it. 

Conscious Conception Cover.png

Why conscious conception?

The decision to call in your babe is a big one. Preparing both your body and your mind for the ventures ahead can make all the difference in how you experience them. By tapping into teachings from birth, body, and spirit we can begin to know ourselves as sacred vessels for new life... Let's integrate and celebrate that! Check out what else this course will cover below.

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